“Sorry guys, these lots are not for you”

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Recently in some popular places in Singapore are having pink colour car park lots that has been specially located for onlr ladies.However, there are only a few number of lots for ladies only .The target audience for these special lots were families, women with children below the age of 10 and for women.

The reasons for these special lots is foe the it to be more easier for the ladies since these lots are located nearer to the entrance so that the ladies would not feel lethargic especially with their heels! Another reason would be that it is for the convenience of the parents, especially those with young children ,  to be able to load and unload bulky prams more easily.

Well, I being a lady myself, feel that it is necessary to allocate parking lots for women only because it ill be much easier for women, especially those with children as it will not be toghfor them to carry things required for their children!Without  much thinkinf to do, I will definitely say that the priorty to enjoy these special lots should be given to the mothers. Mothers are the ones having much dificulty moving around with their children, especially young ones. Hence, these special priority should be given to mums with no doubt!!!



$500,000 Pay For New Creation Church Leader

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Firstly, I was actually shocked into silence after reading that religious group staffs are getting large sums of salary.It is stated that seven religious group each had $10 million as income  annually! That is surely a hefty sum of money to recieve as salary.

Well, in my opinion, I feel that it is not quite right to give religious group staffs such high pay and even if they are given such salaries, I will really hope to see that this sum is used for good purposes like for the develoment of the religious groups and the promote the growth of the traditional roots and values withi people. 

I do agree to a certain limit that religious group staffs deserve high pay as they are playing an important part in making the different religious group in Singapore more cultured and promote the pride about their religion in people.


Help For Single Mums In Downturn

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This world is full of  beautiful, wonderful and cheerful WOMEN! These uniquely wondrous women are cherished all around the world. However, the economic dowmnturn that has shaken the world has not only affected us but it has also triggered massive stress particularly in single mothers.Well, that is why the Singapore government has come up with a project these single mums in need for help.

The project is called ” We Care For You” and it is launched to give a helping hand to single mums.The aim of the project is to help single mums incorporating divorcees and widows. This project wll definitely be a goodway to relieve some of the stress single mums are facing as a result of havin a tough time to juggle both family and work and not being able to get enough help.The project also aims to help single mums going through a rough time especially financial problems.

When I come acros a single mum, I will advice her to firstly find a job because she has to support fer family especially in such tough times. She can also look up to the Ministryof Manpower to help her seek a job. Moreover, I will also encourage her to pick usefiul skills such as sewing, cooking, embroidery and more because such crafts will definitely help her in times of need for money. She also has to continue suporting her family no matter hw hard and tough the situation might get.

One of the ways for single mums to get hold of their stress is to spend more time with their family as in this way not only the mothers will have a much more clearer mind but the children will also get a flowing bowl of love, care and affection.1623086kxzrdno2w9

“NTU Death Fall”

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Well, to begin with, I should say that this was an insane act. It is very pathetic to destroy your own life no matter how big the problem is! Some of the idications that the victim was facing problems was:

  • He was not in his usual self since the start of the year.
  • In order to relieve himself from his problems, he played computer games for several houre every day.
  • Even when the examinations were around the corner and his project due dates were nearing, he was still palying compuer games.

Well, in my opinion, it is not so stressful being a student in Singapore. It really depends on how the student works towards his studies and CCA. Yes, I do agree that sometimes it might be difficult to juggle pur studies, CCA, friends, family and more. But, if we can always take things positvely, I am sure our life will be A-Okay!!!

As a student, there are many hurdles and obstacles that we have to cross  in order to excel in our school life . Some problems that add to my stress level will be:

  • Homework . Sometimes there is so much to do in a single weekend.
  • A lot of topics to master since there are so many topics tested in the exams.
  • To excel in you class
  • To achieve your target in the O levels!1652196rxn356tpp3

Ink Corporated!

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To start off, I must say I have also observed this new trend whereby more youths are now interested in body art such as tattoos and piercing. There seem to be various reasons to why the youths are involved such painful activities. The like to draw attention is one of the reasons. Youths also want to express themselves and stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, these youths also very daring and want to take chances in their lives despite the risks they may involve. They also do body art as a form  of relief from the stress and pressure that mounts up in the mind.

Whenever we see any person, our first impression of that person comes from their looks. The same goes for me.  I will definitely feel uneasy and uncomfortable when I see a person whose body is covered with tattoos. The person will seem unapproachable to me no matter how nice they can actually be in nature. Its the first impression that counts!

Well, if you ask me whether I will get a tattoo in future, my answer is surely NO! In my opinion, I feel that our body is beautiful as it is and do not need any further modifications to that, especially if they are permanent. Tattoos are also very expensive and I rather spend that hefty sum of money on something more useful to me or to those around me! So wake up people! We do not need to do things to please others because it is our body and our life. So start thinking as there are endless boundaries for your thoughts as well!

Sharp rise in girls under 16 having sex!

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Two reasons that propel the teenagers into having sex are firstly, it is the desire for a closer connection with their boyfriends and secondly it is the pressure by their boyfriends into giving themselves. Most teenagers are oblivious of the dreadful consequences they have to face as a result of casual sex. Although the teenagers find it cool to have sex just because their friends are doing it, they are ,in fact, pushing themselves into the pit of danger and also remorsefulness.

Even though two parties of the different gender, girls and boys, are involved in casual sex, the girls are the ones who are greatly impacted by the effects of sex. As a result of sex, girls will have to have to face unwanted pregnancy and eventaully the sitaution where they will have to raise the baby at an age where you are supposed to have fun and enjoy your life without worries and sorrows.

In my opinion, teenagers should have the capability to differentiate between love and infactuation.They should be able to have a clear mindset and be independent in their thinking instead of  following what others are doing without giving it much thought if what they are doing is right. Teenagers should realise that it is their life and they should make decisions that will help them to move along the path of sccess and not make them be stuck to one place. I hope the future generations of teenagers will be able to make the right decisions and secure their chastity.


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In my opinion, I think that we will not have the need to attend tuition as long as we pay full attetion in class, do the assignments that our teachers give us and also raise our doubts to our teachers.There are students who perform excellently in terms of academics without the extra help of tuition.However, simultaneously, tuition does lend us a helping hand when we are sometimes unable to cope up with our teachers.

The extra help we get from the tuition teachers helps us to keep up the pace with the lessons taught in school. Hence,tuition often does hep us in oneway or another.However, those students who are from families which are unable to afford tuition just have to manage their studies withthe help from friends,family and of course,teachers.

Those students who attend tuition must also take amount of money they spend into consideration and also choose the right tuition teachers who are qualified and have some experiece of teaching. He/she should also be passionate about the suject and more importantly you should be comfortable with his teaching styles.

With or without tuition, ultimately,all of us are striving to achieve the same goal – excel in our studies!!So lets work towards it with all the help we can get!